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24 lutego 2021
8 najlepszych badmintonowych, mieszanych zespołów Europy gościła fińska Vantaa. Po polsku wanta, to lina,
14 czerwca 2020
Nie trzeba było budowli z drewna, by wojownicy z Saarbrücken zaskoczyli przeciwników. Do zwycięstwa

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5th Katarzyna Kawa (tennis)


First time in her life she moved on the preliminaries of the WTA tournament and... she finished her participation in the final. This great debut of Pole was in the Latvian Jurmale. It's so far the best achievement for 26-year-old tennis player from Krynica-Zdrój.


4th Zuzana Severinova (racketlon)


This month she completed the Triple Crown in Riga – the first of her career. That happens exactly at IWT Latvian Open, where Czech racketlon player won the Singles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles.


3rd Anna Węgrzyn (table tennis)


Pole became the Junior European Champion in singles. Table tennis player from AZS UE Wroclaw beat in the grand final in Ostrava Italian Jamilia Laurenti 4: 2.


2nd Novak Djokovic (tennis)


Nole won the Wimbledon tournament fifth time. Serbian was able to win, despite he was in trouble in a crucial fifth set. His feat is noteworthy, especially because he defended two match balls.


1st [this time ex aequo] Jasmina Kerber and Per Hjalmarson (crossminton)


In the first half of July they both won the titles of world champions in the Singles Open category in Budapest. Why first position for them? Slovene Jasmina Kerber reached for gold for the third time and Swede Per Hjalmarson even for the fourth time. This is a great success because five editions of the Crossminton World Championships have been played so far. 

Racket sports countdown - July

29 lipca 2019

sportowe niuanse...

(fot. "_DSC6960" by Mister-E, CC BY 2.0 + "004" by Zengame, CC BY 2.0 + "Centro de entretenimiento" by oswaldo, CC BY 2.0)

Who is the winner of my subjective, inaugural Racket sports countdown? It's time to count down from five to one and read about awarded representants of racket sports for their sport activities in July.